Rose-tinted marketing glasses

4th May 2022

Remember those days when all you had was cash and/or a cheque book? There were no debit cards or confusing pin numbers to remember; the only thing you need was sufficient cash and the confidence to ensure …

Are you comfortable being authentic?

5th April 2022

Marketing by its very nature is not known for its authenticity. Let’s face it Persil never made your whites whiter and who voted British Airways the world’s favourite airline? However, …

Want to punch above your weight?!

3rd March 2022

How much time do we spend trying to make our marketing content interesting? How many hours have we stared at a blank computer screen praying for divine intervention. And why, oh why is it so difficult …

When bad publicity is bad for business!

14th February 2022

Thanks to the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” many businesses are ignoring the basic need to check and double check their marketing and communications from every angle. …

Blog or article – would you recognise the difference?

20th January 2022

I recently wrote a test blog for a prospective new client so they could see if they liked my style. I spent ages on it – well you do when you are trying hard to impress. However, regardless of the …

Are you offering too much choice!

2nd January 2022

One thing I have noticed during my 6+ years in business is the growth of the “And” business“. An “And” business is one where you ask someone what they do and they begin reciting …

How well do you know your customers?

6th December 2021

The success of any marketing activity depends on one thing – customer knowledge and whether you have it or not. Researching your customers is essential to develop a deep understanding and knowledge …

Is your business using the right voice and tone?

4th November 2021

Voice and tone are two common buzzwords when it comes to generating the right content in order to market you and your business. They are often thought to be the same thing and as a result seem interchangeable. …

The importance of consistency across your marketing channels

6th October 2021

When I start working with a new client, I can never stress enough the importance of channel consistency. There are usually three questions that I am asked when I mention this marketing essential:

1. …

Don't show me the money!

1st September 2021

You can never underestimate the value and implications of honesty in business. And I find myself agreeing 100% with Mary Kay Ash’s quote.


"Honesty is the cornerstone of all …

What’s in a name?

2nd August 2021

The name is the foundation of your brand. Once in the market place, your brand name will greatly determine your position in the fight for customers.  Far more than just a series of letters, a successful …

Building relationship, not getting people to buy from you!

6th July 2021

Imagine if you only ever contacted people in your life when you wanted them to do something for you. I’m guessing that these people wouldn’t be that responsive or that interested in wanting …

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