The worst kind of marketing

10th May 2021

The absolute worst kind of marketing that you can do is what I have termed “Keeping up with the Jones”. This is where you find out what everyone else is doing marketing-wise, normally your …

All that glitters is not gold!

6th April 2021

At a face to face networking event last year, I overheard a colleague comment that Mr X couldn’t be doing very well in his business given the age of his car. Harsh you might say and I would agree, …

It’s my opinion and you can’t change it!

2nd March 2021

Having been in marketing since the early 1990’s, I’ve seen many things come and go and to be honest nothing that my industry does surprises me anymore. However as a user of social media, I …

Don't let your marketing compete against itself!

10th February 2021

If you are not integrating your marketing communications across all of your channels, then it’s like your marketing is competing against itself. And to be honest if this is the case, in the long …

What marketing story are you telling?

4th January 2021

Let’s face it, it’s a busy market place out there and there are lots of messages and innovative ideas literally clambering for the attention of your target audience. So how do you present your …

Is marketing aligned with your business strategy?

7th December 2020

I have no idea why some business owners, and indeed some marketers, still see marketing as something that needs to be kept separate and treated in a different way to other business activities. Because …

Good communications start from the inside

11th November 2020

It’s worth remembering that whilst your customers see and benefit from the results of your external communications, for complete business success you must not forget or forgo efficient and effective …

What's happened to loyalty?

26th October 2020

In the last few years, I have noticed a worrying trend. Loyalty seems to have become less important as consumers have more power and greater expectations and are being presented with increased choice, …

Importance of a marketing review!

12th October 2020

Your marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Done properly it will drive your business and also maintain it. It might sound obvious, but reviewing your marketing content and the activities that you …

How fresh is your content?

23rd September 2020

In a world where nothing stays static for long, your website copy and its messaging can be out of date in a matter of weeks or months. In this time, your business has probably evolved, your target audience …

Could you just?!

31st August 2020

If I had a £1 for every time a client said “could you just” followed by an urgent request for obscure marketing assistance or an order to do something now, I would probably be fairly …

Not another pesky customer satisfaction survey!

24th August 2020

It seems that you can’t go anywhere without someone asking you to complete an online, phone or text survey detailing your experiences of their product, service or company. Two recent examples make …

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