Being likeable can help you to achieve business success!

Fuel Marketing - Blog ImageIt doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, how much time/money it can save or how sophisticated your marketing is, if your clients don’t like and in turn trust you, they simply won’t buy from you.

We all know how good it feels to work with people you know, like and trust, well surprise, surprise that’s exactly how your clients feel about you and your business. So how do you get that all important relationship off to a great start? Well here’s something not to do; talk at them and try to sell from the word go. Sometimes at events, I see a poor prospect effectively cornered by an over enthusiastic person who is telling them about what they do and handing out armfuls of literature without appearing to either pause for, or ask the prospect what it is they actually need.

People talk - so protect your reputation

Now if that was you, what would you do?  In my case I beat a hasty retreat and decided to avoid this bulldog like sales person in the future. I certainly wouldn’t ever buy from them and if the experience was particular unpleasant, I might also tell other people about it in person and via social media!

We buy from people/brands we like

Sometimes it helps to remember that we all buy products and services, so to sell our products and services effectively we need to think about how we like to be sold to. For me it’s about getting to really know somebody, asking them questions, listening to their answers and finding out what makes them tick. Plus, when you discover you have something in common and/or a similar business ethos, then you are really cooking on gas. Price and benefits are all very well, but if I know that I can’t work with someone or worse still find them self-opinionated or slightly irritating, I will look somewhere else to find that all important connection.

And if, as research tells us, we make a decision about whether we like someone in a mere 7 seconds, then you need to act fast. Here are my 15 top tips for ensuring that your initial contact with prospective clients goes well:

1.    Smile

2.    Be polite and professional

3.    Be yourself

4.    Never judge someone until you have spoken to them

5.    Stay focused on what people are saying

6.    Display enthusiasm and passion for what you do

7.    Be interested in what others have to say

8.    Be confident, but not overly confident, about your experience, knowledge and capabilities

9.    Offer some help or tips for free

10.  Find common ground

11.  Listen more than you talk

12.  Ask intelligent questions

13.  Don’t make any promises that you can’t keep

14.  Introduce people to others who might be able to help them

15.  Be generous and share good fortune

So next time a prospect says no, think back and ask yourself whether you were likeable or not? And if you think you could do something different next time – challenge yourself to hone your person skills and improve the chances of people wanting to do business with you! For more help and advice as to how you can market yourself better, get in touch.