Is your website compelling enough?

Fuel Marketing - blog imageAs a marketer, am I frequently asked by clients, prospects, friends and colleagues to look at their websites, read through their copy and tell them honestly what I think?

Now those people that know me appreciate exactly how honest I am in my feedback, but sometimes even I am at a loss for what to say as some people’s business websites are just awful and end up being an unpleasant and often confusing chore to read.

If a website’s main purpose is to provoke a reaction and make people buy from you, then you need to make sure that at its very core it is communicating your main message, USP’s and benefits whilst at the same time providing an easy way for people to contact you. If you are unsure whether this is the case, then here are my tips to help you.

Get a friend or colleague to look at your website, ask them to put themselves in the shoes of your potential customers and make sure that your website copy does the following:

  • Makes sense
  • Gets to the point quickly without the need for waffle
  • Is easy to understand what you do, what you offer and what benefits there are to choosing you
  • Is written in a conversational and friendly tone
  • Avoids being too technical and the use of jargon
  • Is relevant, and concise
  • Accurately conveys your brand attributes and what makes you different
  • Answers any queries or requests for additional information either via downloadable files or FAQ’s
  • Takes you through the website in a logical fashion making sensible use of headings, sub headings bullet points links and easy to follow tabs to improve flow and navigation
  • Uses compelling and sales focused words and phrases, which are guaranteed to provoke a positive reaction
  • Answers the question – so what and what’s in it for me?
  • Tells website visitors what they need to do next

Finally and most importantly – proof read what you have written. No one likes to read an unprofessional website with typos and mistakes.

If you think that your website isn’t doing what you want to do, and want some help to ensure that it’s working hard for you and your business then get in touch, we are professional copywriters and have years of experience in writing easy to read and engaging copy for websites.