Trust - your marketing toolkit winner!

To establish your business, build strong customer relationships and develop a positive reputation, you need trust. It’s as simple as that. And some significant international research has identified that profit depends to a surprisingly large extent upon it. In other words, if you want to make a quantifiable impact on your bottom line, look deeper than the surface analysis that's often employed; trust is a significant key to building long term relationships, and long term repeat business.

But what some businesses forget is that customer trust is earned not won and to be thought of as trustworthy you need to have integrity, loyalty and be:

  • Reliable
  • Open and honest
  • Competent
  • Sure that your behaviour matches your values
  • Listening to your clients and target market and finding out their needs 24/7
  • Able to build rapport and understand what is important to your clients
  • Looking at things from your clients perspective
  • Learning from you clients and applying that knowledge to improving your business
  • Deliver quality and dependability as standard
  • Customer focused/customer-centric
  • Communicating in a regular, targeted and professional manner
  • Able to fix problems quickly and efficiently
  • Proactive rather than reactive
  • Offering customers a choice based on your knowledge of them
  • Able to go that extra mile when needed
  • Capable of under promising and over delivering, not the other way round

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