Rose-tinted marketing glasses!

Remember those days when all you had was cash and/or a cheque book? There were no debit cards or confusing pin numbers to remember; the only thing you need was sufficient cash and the confidence to ensure that your signature looked the same as the one on your accompanying bank card!

And even better, once you made your purchase, you simply left the shop and that was it, transaction effectively over. There was no tradition of following me up by phone, mail or email (ok so there wasn’t email then) and I certainly didn’t need everyone knowing what I was buying so they could endlessly try to sell me more of it or related (and indeed non-related items). Yes technology might be great, but sometimes I find myself actively yearning for simpler times.

Post-purchase stalking!

You might find this odd for a marketer but I guess that’s what makes me different. I’ve always liked and respect anonymity and my favourite thing of all is a bit mystery. 

So when I buy something from eBay or Amazon I am obviously excited, but these feelings are quickly replaced by something akin to annoyance when the barrage of communications start. And it doesn’t even need you to buy something nowadays, thanks to remarketing/retargeting, activities, you only have to browse a website or click on an item for more information for the marketing police to ask you what you were doing, why you didn’t buy it and to remind you that it’s still available, as if you needed reminding of that fact! And god forbid you put something in your cart and lose interest!

Enough is enough

Yes it seems as if technology has taken over our lives and occasionally I want to stand my ground and say no. Enough is enough - I want to be left alone.

I have recently returned from a short break to the Lake District where for the entire time I was there I did not use any debit or credit cards, I just used cash. How liberating was that? For a start I am not on anyone’s database for future marketing purposes, no one knows that I bought a pair of waterproof trousers and wants to sell me the matching jacket and most importantly of all, I feel like I am back in in control of that all important thing that I used to have consumer choice.

Respect my privacy!

I know that GDPR will stop some of the companies from sending me endless rubbish that I don’t need and never asked for, as you have to opt in rather than the current data protection laws for opting out. But occasionally, it would be nice for businesses to respect your privacy because it’s the right thing to do, without having to abide by a law saying that they had to.

Rant over. Now I’m off out for lunch today with a client, so fingers crossed that in a week’s time I don’t find myself in receipt of a free voucher for a 2 for 1 coffee and cake that has to be taken on the third Wednesday in September between 9am and 10am only and of course forever on their mailing list!