Don’t let your marketing compete against itself!

Fuel Marketing - blog imageIf you are not integrating your marketing communications across all of your channels, then it’s like your marketing is competing against itself. And to be honest if this is the case, in the long run it might be cheaper and easier just to do no marketing at all.

So how can you tell if your marketing is integrated?

Use the following criteria and rate whether your focused activities across different channels - website, brochure, social media, direct mail letter, emails, flyers, adverts, editorials etc. actually stack up?

  • When you look at your marketing efforts is it instantly recognisable that they come from the same business?
  • Do they communicate your value, culture, positioning and brand image consistently across different media?
  • Are they focused on achieving the same goals, and working together like a well-oiled machine?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you’re probably dealing with a fragmented strategy or poor and inconsistent execution. So it might be time to get integrated and reap the benefits.

Consistency is key

It’s no secret in today’s busy and competitive world, that businesses who communicate a cohesive and consistent message across all channels have a better chance of breaking through the noise. And whilst some businesses may have different departments or marketing campaigns, all with separate goals, you need to ensure that your marketing messages are clear, not fragmented, as this lessens the impact of your individual marketing efforts, which in turn increases their respective costs.

The objective really is to link everything up and give your customers an easily understandable picture of the value and benefits that your business offers, no matter which channel they have used to access your brand. Because let’s face it, we are all a little sceptical of advertising claims, but the more often we encounter a consistent and positive message, the better we feel about a business. 

Build trust

For example if your marketing activities consist of a single advert in a specialist automotive magazine on a quarterly basis, then you won’t have the opportunity to build much trust. Now image your potential customers also get to read about your company in the local paper, receive an email newsletter and a follow up call, both awareness and trust in your company will start to increase and there will be a much greater likelihood that they’ll consider doing business with you.

So to conclude, there are two main benefits of integrated marketing, make sure that you are reaping the rewards:

1.    Increased marketing effectiveness

Your marketing is more powerful when every advertisement, every email and every marketing piece communicates consistently. Each time a customer or prospect sees your message, it’s reinforced in their minds, building greater awareness and trust over time. So when they’re ready to buy, your message is at the forefront of their mind.

2.    Increased marketing efficiencies

Integrated marketing is more efficient. An integrated plan also results in more efficient use of your marketing resources. Integrating different channels lets you exploit their individual strengths, maximising their impact and the return on your marketing spend. And because they’re working from the same strategy, they’ll share internal assets and resources, too.

For help to ensure that your marketing is integrated and is working harder for you and your wallet, get in touch.