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Fuel's marketing service is award-winning. They were recently voted "Best Home Based Business 2015" at the annual Banbury Women in Business Awards.

Fuel's aim is to add value to your marketing and help you get results! We work closely with you - supporting you in the areas of marketing where you don’t have the time, skill, interest or resources to do it yourself.

What makes us different from other marketing consultants is our ability to closely match marketing activities with your employees' skills and areas of interest to ensure higher levels of engagement and success. So if for example you have a member of the team who hates calling people but loves meeting people face to face, we would create a marketing plan with lots of networking, events and face-to-face contact and absolutely no telemarketing activities.

In business, you need to remember that every day people make decisions about your business based on your reputation, your interactions and your communications. Your office/premises, staff, letters, emails, telephone calls, adverts, brochures, website, social media and service delivery all contain powerful messages to your target market. By using Fuel’s bespoke marketing services, you can make sure that it's the one you want to be heard.

At Fuel, we don't believe in 'off the shelf' solutions. We work in collaboration with you, listening and understanding, so that we can find out about your business, your market place, your competition as well your challenges and opportunities. And when we know you and your business inside out, we can design a powerful strategy, plan or campaign tailored to meet your exact needs.

When you work with Fuel you will always get:

  • A well-researched and creative marketing solution that differentiates you from your competition
  • Integrated and value added marketing activities which reflect the skills of your staff and accurately target your customers
  • Consistent and clever marketing messaging to engage your customers via different communication channels
  • Regular marketing activities to raise the profile of your business over time
  • Cost effective marketing strategies which can be easily monitored and measured to enhance your success rate

At Fuel it's all about bite-size marketing, which helps rather than baffles you. So we remove the jargon and just talk simply about how our knowledge and expertise can add measurable value to your business. And the level of support you feel you need is entirely up to you. So if you need hands-on assistance to implement things along the way, we can provide that too!

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"I contacted Fuel as I needed to re-brand my business. Vicky scoped out the project in detail and provided us with an excellent marketing strategy and comprehensive marketing plan for the year ahead. She is a pleasure to work with, and throughout the project was highly professional, thorough and effective. I expect to use Fuel's services again in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend her to any business in need of expert marketing advice." Alastair Manson, MD, Ascent FD
"I engaged Fuel/Vicky's services to re-write the copy for my website. She understood me and my business quickly and was abel to provide concise, punchy and jargon-free copy to meet both my budget and my timings. The result has been transformational. One new client said she had read the entire website before contacting me, as it was so easy to read and appreciate who I was and what services I was offering." Judith Hanson, Judith Hanson Hypnotherapy, Northampton